Real terrorist caught-White supremacist nabbed preparing synagogue massacre

FBI have arrested a South Carolinian white supremacist who allegedly planned to carry out a massacre “in spirit of Dylann Roof” against a synagogue.

On Wednesday, 29-year-old Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell bought a gun from an undercover FBI agent.

It is reported that he hinted that he had planned an attack on Facebook against the Temple Emanu-El Conservative Synagogue in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

In an anti-Semitic Facebook post, McDowell referenced Roof. He wrote “they should be Feasting on the enemy that stole their Heritage and their bloodline and trying to run us off of this Earth you can post pictures of f****** Viking and swords all the s*** you want to post if you ain’t got the heart to fight for Yahweh like dylann roof did you need to shut the f*** up…”

“I’m wanting to do this s—, and I got the heart to do this,” McDowell reportedly said to the FBI agent. “I seen what Dylann Roof did and in my heart I reckon I got a little bit of hatred and I..I want do that s—. LIke, I got desire…not for nobody just…I want something where I can say, “I f—ing did that’ me personally. If I could do something on a f—ing big scale and write on the f—ing building or whatever, “In the spirit of Dylann Roof.”

According to the agent, McDowell said he had not decided on a place or time for the attack.

McDowell was arrested after he was spotted “holding a bag in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn in Myrtle Beach.” They found him in possession of the handgun and ammo the undercover agent sold to him and a marijuana cigarette and a cell phone.

McDowell is facing felony weapons possession charges.


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