Al Franken’s military escort disputes Leann Tweeden allegations (Details)

On Thursday, Leann Tweeden, a female radio news anchor, claimed that Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) groped and “forcibly kissed” her without her consent during his 2006 USO tour. When she made the revelation, she had a photo that showed Franken reaching for her breast when she was sleeping. She asserted that he was doing it to “embarrass” her.

On Friday, during her appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA), she claimed that the picture was an “in your face” final shot photo and that she was “belittled and humiliated.” She stated, “That was sort of his parting shot as in your face, I got you one last time. I was belittled and humiliated.”

However, a former military officer is disputing her claim. He identifies himself as “TT” on Twitter and says he was Franken’s “escort officer.” On Twitter, he describes himself as“Ret. Spec ops Pilot, Race Car driver, space geek who used to b a conservative till the Rep party was hijacked by the anti-education crazies, i seek truth!”

He remembers the incident very differently than what Tweeden claimed.

He tweeted:

Strange, I was Al Frankin’s Escort officer…I don’t remember any of this except there was a lot of good natured joking in a crowded room…I was with him the entire time on base…

He had an escort on every base during waking hours…I even stayed with him in the bathroom…If I saw anything that was inappropriate, it was my job to report it…BTW I am an independent, who did Leeanne vote for???

— TT (@TheTabbasco) November 16, 2017

Many people have questioned Tweeden’s credibility, saying that her allegations may have been exaggerated and politically motivated.

Tweeden is said to be a hard-right Fox News commentator and she has been a regular guest on the Sean Hannity Show. She is also a Trump supporter. There are photos of her with Trump at one of his golf courses during a charity event. Many have questioned how someone could support Trump, an admitted predator, yet be a victim of sexual assault.

In addition, Roger Stone, former Trump adviser, seemed to know that Al Franken was going to get hit with the allegation before Tweeden came out with her story.

Stone tweeted:

QUOTE: Roger Stone says it’s Al Franken’s “time in the barrel”. Franken next in long list of Democrats to be accused of “grabby” behavior.

— Enter The Stone Zone (@stonezonetweets) November 16, 2017

Franken has since apologized and has called on the Senate Ethics Committee to look into the incident.


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