German soccer team kneels before game to show solidarity with NFL players (Details)

Credit: AP

On Saturday, before their match, a German soccer team, Hertha Berlin, linked arms and took a knee to show their solidarity with NFL players who have been protesting during the national anthem.

The coaching staff, general manager, and substitutes also took a knee. Their actions were met with cheers from the crowd.

While they were kneeling, the stadium announcer explained their action to the crowd of more than 50,000 fans, stating,“Hertha Berlin stands for diversity and against violence. For this reason, we are joining the protest of American athletes and setting a sign against discrimination.”

The team went on Twitter to explain why they took a knee.

The team tweeted:

As we all know, the protest was started last year by San Fransico’s 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who took a knee as a silent protest against racial injustice.

Now, this act has gone international.

Sebastian Langkamp, one of Hertha’s players who spoke in regards to the kneeling, stated, “We are living in the 21st century, not the 18th century, but there are some people who haven’t developed their ideologies accordingly. If we can give them a bit of help in doing so, then that’s good.”

Another player, Salomon Kalou, asserted that the whole team had unanimous support for the action.

He stated, “We stand against racists and that’s our way of sharing that. We are always going to fight against this kind of behavior, as a team and as a city.” He continued, “It shouldn’t exist in any kind of event, in the NFL or in the football world, soccer as they call it there. It shouldn’t exist in any sport, period.”


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