34 refugees, mostly toddlers, drown off coast of Libya (Details)

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At least 34 migrants, many of whom were under the age of ten, recently drowned off the coast of Libya. This occurred as they were making their voyage across the Mediterranean destined for a new life in Europe.

About 1,700 people were packed tightly into 15 vessels. These boats are flimsy and are prone to capsizing. When they were spotted, a group called MOAS came to the rescue. MOAS reported they spotted the bodies in the water.

While the rescues were occurring, the Libyan Coast Guard began firing warning shots near the migrant vessels. These shots caused many more migrants to jump into the water, making the job for rescuers even tougher.

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‘The tragedy of children dying in the Mediterranean is a wake-up call to leaders meeting in Sicily,’ said UN Children’s Fund Executive Director Justin Forsyth. ‘These extremely vulnerable children need action now.’

Already this year, more than 1,300 people have died on the same journey. Most were fleeing poverty and war across Africa. More than 50,000 have been rescued and taken to Italy.


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