“You’re in deep shit” Congressman warns Trump if phones were wiretapped (Details)

On Saturday morning, California Congressman Ted Lieu went on Twitter to warn Trump that if there was a wiretap at Trump Tower that he would be “in deep shit.”

Below are Ted Lieu’s tweets to Trump:

This morning, in a series of tweets, Trump accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones before the 2016 election.

Here are the Trump’s tweets below accusing Obama:

It is reported that Breitbart got a hold of this information and wrote an article about accusing Obama of organizing a “silent coup” against the Trump administration.

In the Breitbart article, they claim that the Obama administration continued to watch the Trump administration without any evidence. They also claim NSA rules were relaxed for evidence to be shared within the government that would eventually be leaked to the media.

Trump has not given any more information if he has been monitored.

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