Yale Holocaust expert: Trump is acting like Hitler and Stalin

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Professor Timothy Snyder, a historian from Yale University, believes Trump is acting like a 1930’s dictator. Snyder is an expert on the history of Central and Eastern Europe, including the Holocaust.

“In my world, where I come from, it’s the 1930s,” said Timothy Snyder on the Real Time with Bill Maher show. “Picking out a group of your neighbours and citizens and associating them with the worldwide threat, that’s the 1930s.”

“And what we have to remember with the 1930s, we think of Hitler and Stalin as super villains. But they’re not, they could only come to power with some form of consent.”

Holocaust expert Timothy Snyder discusses parallels between Trump and 1930’s dictators. (Via YouTube)

Snyder warned that tyrants will use terror attacks to remove the rights of individuals.

During the interview, Maher added his own reasons why he believes Trump is becoming a tyrant. Maher pointed out Trump’s desire to put his name, in giant lettering, on anything he owns. Trump’s ongoing nepotism and “scary rallies” were also used as evidence.

Snyder isn’t the first expert on Nazism who drew parallels between Hitler, Stalin, and Trump. A researcher at Oxford, Dr. Kevin Dutton, believes Trump exhibits ‘more psychopathic’ traits than Hitler.

Additionally, back in January, Pope Francis warned that there was an apparent rise of populist leaders ‘like Hitler,’ in which the timing seemed to be be alluding to the election of Donald Trump.


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