Wyoming town replaces official photo of Trump with Native American chief (Details)


Mayor Pete Muldoon of Jackson, Wyoming decided to take down portraits of Donald Trump from the town hall. He replaced it with a picture of Washakie, a Native American chief who is the leader of the Shoshone tribe. Mike Pence’s portrait was also taken down.

He made the town’s staff members change the portrait and said that there is no requirement to have a portrait of the president.

In a statement, Muldoon said, “When the town of Jackson decides to honor such a divisive person, it is taking sides against some of its residents. The town council has made no such decision, and until and unless it does, that kind of honor will not be bestowed.”

According to Muldoon, he said that the town council never authorized the portraits to be hung and has no idea who hung them up.

“We aren’t required to display signs of respect ― our respect is earned, not demanded,” Muldoon said. “Dictators like Joseph Stalin required their portraits to be displayed everywhere. Luckily, we do not live in a dictatorship.”

Jackson, Wyoming is the largest town in Teton County in which Hillary Clinton won with 57% of the votes. Teton was the only county in Wyoming that did not support Trump. Trump ended up winning the state with 70% of the votes.

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