Witnesses say Trump’s suffering severe depression following Cohen raid (Details)

Trump is still very angry about the FBI raid of his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. He’s so angry that he just mostly just eats or watches TV.

His frustration was seen on Monday after he called the raid a “disgrace” and a “witch hunt.” The next day, Trump tweeted more messages, calling it “A TOTAL WITCH HUNT.” He also tweeted, “Attorney-client privilege is dead!”

According to people close to Trump, the president had what they described as a “meltdown” after the raid. The symptoms seem to indicate severe depression.

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It was revealed that the weekend before the raid, Trump was already in a bad mood. He spent his weekend doing very little, only eating at the Trump International Hotel and watching Fox News.

After watching a segment on Fox about how the “deep state” was trying to bring him down, it upset him more. Then he started to talk about wanting to get rid of some of the Justice Department officials, including Attorney General Jeff Session.

This isn’t the first time Trump’s habits of eating and watching TV have made headlines. Cory Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, revealed in his book that Trump likes to eat McDonald’s, drink sodas, and orders steaks that are well-done with ketchup.

In a New York Times report, it was revealed that Trump watches up to eight hours of TV a day.


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