London mocks Trump canceling visit by placing wax statue outside the US embassy- see the reactions here

Image via Sky News

On Friday, for a short while, a Madame Tussauds wax figure Donald Trump was placed outside the new US embassy in Nine Elms, south London.

This was placed after Trump announced that he will cancel his UK visit to open the new embassy building.

Trump tweeted:

Construction workers and office workers were seen taking pictures with the 6-foot wax figure. The figure was placed next to the building nicknamed “Giant Cube.”

The wax figure is wearing Trump’s trademark black suit with a white shirt and long red tie.

According to Claire Treacy, a spokeswoman for Madame Tussauds in London,  “Just like the rest of the country, we woke up to the news of Trump having canceled his visit. And we thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be fun [to move] our own President Trump there, instead?’”

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She continued, “We were only at the embassy for about 25 minutes but there were some immediate reactions. Workers came out to take selfies and I guess some people checked twice whether this is really just a waxwork.”

Traecy added, “We hope that people will take it as it was: just a bit of fun. This was a chance to bring the figure out to people who might not usually be able to visit our museum.”

The wax figure is now back at the museum.

More pictures of the figure below:

Here are some reactions to the figure:


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