Twitter schools Trump after ignorant tweet about ‘needing global warming’- here are the best responses

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In what could be his most ignorant tweet yet, Donald Trump made the case that the planet needs climate change because of a recent cold snap throughout the United States.

Here was the tweet:

It’s true that we’re experiencing record cold temperatures. New York City is forecasted to have the coldest New Year’s Eve celebration since the 1960’s. The scientifically illiterate Trump supporters believe that this disproves climate change. In reality, climate change is about what’s happening over long periods of time, not just a single cold spell.

Here’s an analogy Trump may understand. Climate change is a someone’s net worth, while the weather is what they have in their pocket that day. A billionaire may not have any money in his pocket one day, but that doesn’t mean they are poor. A regular Joe may have found a few thousand dollars and stuffed his wallet, but it doesn’t mean he’s rich.

This isn’t the first time Trump attacked climate change. In the past, he has called it a “Chinese hoax.”

Ironically, just last week Trump gained approval to build sea walls on his golf course in Ireland. The walls will protect from rising sea waters that are eroding three of the fairways at the course. Orginal versions of his applications to build the walls referenced climate change as the reason they needed to be built.

Here are some of the responses on Twitter.

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