Trump’s sinking ship: Another two staffers announce resignations within just 24 hours (Details)

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There is an unprecedented turnover rate in the White House. In the past eleven months, Donald Trump has had more resignations and firings than most administrations will have in their entire eight years. Trump might as well install revolving doors to keep up with all the traffic.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rick Pearson recently announced that he will be leaving the Trump administration to find work in the private sector. Some have speculated that Pearson is trying to avoid the Trump-Russia investigation. Others believe Pearson is tired of the toxic environment at the White House.

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Less than 24 hours later, White House National Economic Council Deputy Director Jeremy Katz announced that he would also be resigning. An official in the White House claimed that this was planned to stay in the administration for only a year. However, it’s unusual to plan on holding such a distinguished position for such a short period of time.

Both of these departures follow a long list of officials who have decided to leave the administration. Just a week ago, former “Apprentice” star and Trump adviser Omarosa Newman was reportedly thrown out of the White House. Earlier this month, multiple outlets reported that deputy national security adviser Dina Powell would also be leaving.

Throughout the unprecedented number of firings and resignations, Chief of Staff John Kelly continues to try to paint a rosy picture for why staffers are leaving. Kelly is obviously trying to make the situation seem normal when it’s far from it.

All of this comes as the federal investigation of the Trump campaign seems to be broadening. This is likely making it harder for the White House to find replacements as the chaotic atmosphere pushes more and more officials out the door.


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