Trump’s military deferment paper goes viral after his transgender military ban (Details)

Image via REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

On Wednesday, Donald Trump tweeted that the U.S. would ban transgenders from joining the military:

Shortly after this announcement by Trump, his deferment documents made its round on Twitter thanks to Scott Dworkin. Dworkin reminded us that this is coming from the person who was deferred from serving in the Vietnam War not once but five times.

According to the documents, it shows that four of the deferments were because of college and one was because of bone spurs in his heel. However, according to the New York Times, the bone spurs were “temporary” and “minor.” And it didn’t seem to affect his health when he went to go see his longtime physician who said that Trump had “no significant medical problems” in over 40 years.

Also, this is a person who has criticized Senator John McCain who was a prisoner of war saying that he likes “people who weren’t captured.” He also compared avoiding STDs while dating as his “personal Vietnam.”

This transgender ban is a giant step back from the progress that the LGBTQ community has made in recent years.

There are nineteen state attorneys general who are working to block this ban. They want Senate and House Armed Services committee leaders to include language in the defense policy bill that prohibits the discrimination of transgender troops and declare that they cannot be banned from serving.

“The policy announced by President Trump’s tweet undermines the national security goal of giving every able American who wants to serve in the military the opportunity to serve, creates untold bureaucratic and legal cost and complexities in implementation, and would put in place a policy that violates fundamental constitutional and American values,” reads a letter to the chairpersons and ranking members of the committees.


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