Trump’s longtime bodyguard speaks out as he reportedly prepares to leave office (Details)


According to three insiders, Trump’s longtime bodyguard, Keith Schiller, is preparing to leave the White House. Trump is “crushed” that Schiller is leaving.

Multiple people described Schiller as an emotional anchor to Trump, describing Schiller as a “confidant and friend.” Trump “trusts Keith and Keith trusts him. Trust is a really big deal at that level.”

As Schiller is leaving, he is shedding some light on some of the relationships in the White House. Chief of Staff John Kelly may have been the reason for Schiller’s departure.

Schiller reportedly told his friends that he doesn’t like his job as much since John Kelly was appointed. He also revealed that he believes Kelly doesn’t like Trump.

Since Kelly was appointed, Schiller, who has worked for Trump since 1999, has lost his privilege to walk into the Oval Office at any time.

Schiller now sees his job as somewhat redundant because the Secret Service does what he used to do.

On Friday, Schiller told associates that he plans to leave the White House at the end of September or early October. He has been telling people that his primary reason for leaving was financial.

At the White House, Schiller makes $165,000 a year. This is a downgrade from when he was working for Trump’s campaign, in a private security firm called KS Global Group and at the Trump Organization, for $294,000 a year.

Schiller plans on returning to the private security industry.

Some worry that Schiller’s departure will leave Trump and the West Wing off-balance because they had such a strong relationship with each other. Also, others predict that this could lead to Trump and Kelly butting heads.


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