Trump’s former campaign manager just got sent to jail

Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

On Friday, a federal judge ruled that former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort will be sent to jail as he awaits trial. This ruling comes as his bail was revoked. The federal trial is scheduled to be in September.

The former campaign chair was in court today after Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed new claims against him for witness tampering and argued he violated his bail terms. Prosecutors argued that if Manafort is not jailed, he would continue to engage in the alleged criminal activity.

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Manafort has pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him.

This move to jail Manafort before the trial could pressure him to cooperate with investigators.

It is not clear what jail he would be taken to or when he would be taken to jail.

After this report, Trump tried to downplay his close ties to Manafort. He told reporters that Manafort worked for him for “a very short period of time.” However, in reality, he worked on the campaign during a critical time, from April to August 2016.


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