Trump frightened over evidence- wants to review documents seized in Cohen FBI raid (Details)

Credit: Left: USA Today Right: Getty Images

According to a filing in federal court, Trump wants to review some material seized by the FBI during the raid.

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The filing shows that Joanna Hendon, one of Trump’s attorneys, is asking the judge to give copies of everything that was seized so they can determine ones that involve Trump. Then they want to sort out which of the materials are protected by the attorney-client privilege and which are OK for investigators to see.

Trump’s lawyers argue that there were more than a dozen electronic devices and other things that were unrelated to the probable cause that the search warrants for Cohen were based on.

However, prosecutors state that Trump’s request should be rejected. They say that there is a two-step process to decide what is covered by the privilege. They also note that things that are related to the progress of criminal activity are not protected by the privilege.

This comes as it was revealed on Friday by the Department of Justice that Cohen is “under criminal investigation” that revolves around Cohen’s personal “business dealings.”

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