Trump wants ‘Apprentice’ sexual harrasment case dropped because he’s president (Details)

CREDIT: AP Photos/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, left, and Ringo H.W. Chiu

On Friday, Donald Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, filed for a dismissal of a complaint by a former contestant on the Apprentice who alleges that Trump sexually harassed her. The lawyers argued that the case should be dismissed because he is the President.

Summer Zervos is a California restaurant owner who appeared on the show in 2006. She filed suit against Trump in January for aggressively kissing and grabbing her at the Beverly Hills Hotel when she was going there to talk about a possible job opportunity at the Trump Organization.

In a 53-page memo, Kasowitz claims that Zervos’ allegations were untrue from the beginning and she was trying to hurt the Trump campaign. Kasowitz called the allegations as “a private witch-hunt.”

In the filing it says, “Ms. Zervos and her counsel have openly conceded ― indeed, bragged ― that their true motivation is to use this action for political purposes as a pretext to obtain broad discovery that they hoped could be used in impeachment hearings to distract from the President’s agenda.”

Kasowitz also claims that Trump’s response to the allegations does not subject Zervos to “hatred, contempt, ridicule or obloquy.”

Trump’s legal team tried to use a 1997 Supreme Court ruling Clinton v. Jones to argue the case for presidential immunity. They argued that it leaves the question of whether or not presidents have to fight suits in state courts.

Zervos is demanding $3,000 in damages for having her reputation ruined because Trump denied her claim and called her a liar. Zervos’ attorney says that Trump doesn’t have immunity for this case because this happened before he was president.

Back in January, she stated that she will drop the case if Trump takes back what he said about her and acknowledge the fact she is telling the truth.


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