Trump turns on Conway-She’s no longer allowed on air (Details)

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Kellyanne Conway, White House adviser, has been yanked from making tv appearances due to her lack of credibility and contrasting views with the White House, a White House source tells CNN.

Conway has not been given any more tv interviews ever since she claimed that Michael Flynn, former National Security Adviser, had Trump’s “full confidence,” just hours before he resigned.

Even before the Flynn comments, Conway had other remarks that were controversial, such as telling people to buy Ivanka Trump’s clothing.

Days before the Flynn comment, she announced that she would be making fewer tv appearances.

It is reported that her appearances have been limited to radio interviews.

Due to her lack of credibility, MSNBC’s Morning Joe announced they would no longer have Conway on their show.

The White House source says that Conway was yanked off the air for being “off message.”

Ever since she has been pulled off the air, controversy levels of the White House have dropped.

According to another source, The White House has been having a “much more of a drama-free” and that “having Kellyanne off television is helping them.”


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