Trump tries to take jab at Obama with error message but humiliates himself instead (Details)

Credit: Yuri Gripas

Trump’s latest attempt to insult Obama backfired.

On Christmas, Trump tweeted that he will be “back to work” the next day.

However, he has been golfing for three consecutive days despite his promise. The first day, CNN was able to obtain footage. The next day, CNN tried to get footage but was blocked by a mysterious white truck. 

Trump has repeatedly criticized Obama for playing golf and has even promised that he would not have time for golfing if he was elected president.

But Trump has already golfed more than Obama did in the same amount of time.

Today Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post data reporter, found some code on Trump’s website that displays an error message that criticizes Obama’s golfing habits.

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Ingraham noted the RNC paid for the code on all of Trump’s website including the GOP website.

However, some coders realized that the code won’t show up anyways because it was written incorrectly.

Another user pointed out there was another error message that criticized Hillary Clinton as well.


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