Trump tells his golf club members ‘That White House is a real dump’ (Details)

Images via Twitter

While on a recent golf trip, Trump explained to his club members why he spends very little time at the White House. According to witnesses, Trump described the White House as “a real dump.”

While at his Bedminster club, Trump enjoys a plush cottage that’s situated beside a large pool. Bedminster is one of the properties he seems to prefer most. During the colder months, the president is often found at his Mar-A-Lago resort, which he refers to as “the winter White House.”

People who play golf with Trump say he constantly praises his properties.

“‘Is this not the most beautiful asphalt you’ve ever seen in your life?'” he’ll say of an ordinary cart path,” Golf reported. “At the turn he’ll ask, “‘Have you ever had a better burger?'”

In response to Trump’s comments, Chelsea Clinton reached out to thank the unappreciated White House staff for what they do.


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