While Trump stirs the pot, Jimmy Carter offers to meet with Kim Jong Un to keep peace (Details)

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Former President Jimmy Carter (D) has reportedly offered to meet with Kim Jong Un in an attempt to establish “permanent peace” to the Korean Peninsula.  

Park Han-shik, a University of Georgia professor, talked about Carter’s offer to South Korea’s JoongAng Daily.

He is a professor emeritus at the university’s School of Public & International Affairs.

Park told the paper, “Carter wants to meet with the North Korean leader and play a constructive role for peace on the Korean Peninsula as he did in 1994.”

He continued, “Should former President Carter be able to visit North Korea, he would like to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and discuss a peace treaty between the United States and the North and a complete denuclearization of North Korea.”

According to Park, Carter wants to “contribute toward establishing a permanent peace regime on the Korean Peninsula”  and “prevent a second Korean War.”

Between 1950 and 1953, the Korean War killed more than 54,000 people, including 36,000 Americans.

Last week, Carter wrote a piece in the Washington Post. He stated “we face the strong possibility of another Korean war” and considered it to be “the most serious existing threat to world peace.”

In 1994, Carter went to Pyongyang and persuaded Kim Il Sung, Kim’s grandfather, to give up the development of nuclear weapons.

However, today, Carter’s hope to get rid of all North Korea’s nuclear weapons may not be achievable.

According to Jeffery Lewis, an expert on North Korea’s nuclear program, revealed last week that North Korea may have the capability to launch a successful nuclear strike on the U.S.

Carter wrote on his Washington Post article, “Until now, severe economic sanctions have not prevented North Korea from developing a formidable and dedicated military force… There is no remaining chance that it will agree to a total denuclearization.”


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