Trump spotted hogging umbrella while his wife and son suffer strong wind and rain (Details)

Image via AP

It’s no secret that Trump doesn’t seem to care about his family. In the past, Trump has shown a stark difference from previous presidents in how he escorts his family while traveling. It’s common to see Trump walk with his family as if he doesn’t know they are there.

However, this time the President took things further than just not holding a door or not waiting for his wife to catch up.

While boarding Air Force One on Monday, Trump was seen hogging an umbrella while Melania and Barron were left in the wind and rain. Trump made zero effort to even tilt the umbrella toward his family. He held it straight over his own head as if they weren’t present.

TMZ reported that there were harsh winds and rain while they were boarding the flight.

“We generally try to not comment on individuals, but in terms of principles of etiquette your rank doesn’t absolve you from common courtesy,” said Daniel Post Senning, author and spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute.

“The core tenet of good etiquette is thinking about other people,” he added. “There’s something classy and thoughtful about considering others.”

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The vast majority of rude behavior comes from “thoughtlessness,” Senning continued. “One of the tricks of combating rudeness is paying attention to the people around us and by placing the comfort and ease of others in front of our own.”

Barack Obama shows how it’s done. (CARLOS BARRIA/REUTERS)

This kind of behavior is especially jarring after witnessing President Obama always placing his wife and family first. You couldn’t find one instance where Obama put himself before his family. In fact, President Obama would go out of his way to help strangers when he was the only one with an umbrella.

The White House has yet to answer any statements on the matter. It will be interesting to see how Sarah Huckabee Sanders will spin this one- although they may just try to avoid it altogether.

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