Trump sits and makes jokes during military ceremony to honor flag (Details)

Image via Screenshot/Youtube

During a solemn military ceremony that honors the flag, Trump sat and laughed with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

This act of disrespect occurred during an interview that happened at the Air National Guard base in Pennsylvania when the “Retreat” bugle call was being played.

Tradition dictates civilians are expected to put their hand over their heart while the tune plays. Military personnel in uniform are also required to stop and salute the flag.

According to the Army website, “Once the bugle sounds, all personnel driving on the installation should stop. Service members and government civilian personnel are encouraged to turn off their vehicles, and, if safe to do so, exit to render the appropriate honors.”

Trump referred to the bugle as a “nice sound” and asked Hannity, “Are they playing that for you or for me?”

He also added,  “They’re playing that in honor of his ratings. Did you see how good his ratings were? He’s beating everybody.”

After his comments, some people in the crowd cheered and clapped.

Trump’s display of disrespect comes as he continues to criticize NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem because he believes that they are “disrespecting” the flag. He also called for the NFL owners to fire any “sons of bitches” who kneels during the anthem.

Towards the end of the clip, you can see members of the audience begin to get up and show their respect for the flag, despite the President not doing so.

You can watch the clip below:


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