Watch: Trump thinks he’s the first to invent movie and video game rating systems (Details)

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On Thursday, during a meeting to discuss school safety with state lawmakers, Trump suggested the violence in movies and video games are the reason for mass shootings in the U.S. He then went on and brought up the idea for a “rating system.”

However, there’s one problem with Trump’s “new” idea, since the Entertainment Software Rating Board already rates video games and the MPAA does the same for movies.

Also, it has been proven that there is no connection between violent crime and violent media.

Villanova psychologist Patrick Markey stated, “All we can really say for sure is that there does not appear to be a link at this time between violent video games and school shootings.”

Markley added the link between the two things actually “goes in the opposite direction.”

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According to his research, school shooters actually do “things that aren’t typical of their peers.” It shows that they are “three times less likely to play violent video games” when compared to other high school students.

So if Trump’s theory about violent media causing more mass shootings is correct, that means that there should have been more violent crimes carried out by youth. However, violent crime committed by young people is said to be at 20-year lows.

Also, Trump seemed to have conveniently forgotten that other countries around the world have the same violent video games and movies but the U.S. is the only country that deals with such a high number of mass shootings.

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