Trump getting scared: Now trying to hire Bill Clinton’s impeachment attorney (Details)

Credit: Left: Pete Souza Right: MSNBC

According to four sources, Trump is talking with Emmet T. Flood, an impeachment lawyer who helped Bill Clinton, to assist in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

This past week, Trump reportedly met with Flood but no official agreement has been reached.

Flood would guide Trump day-to-day as to what to do as the investigation continues.

He will not replace Ty Cobb, the current lawyer for the White House. However, Cobb’s main task in scheduling White House aides with prosectors is coming to an end. Cobb has also told his friends that his position is temporary and doesn’t expect to be in his position for much longer.

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Trump’s advisers have been looking to hire Flood since last year.

This revelation comes after former aide Sam Nunberg has expressed new concerns about possible legal troubles for campaign officials. Nunberg believes that many in Trump’s inner circle may face major legal trouble in Mueller’s probe. In particular, he is most worried about Roger Stone, his mentor and former campaign aide.

Despite Trump calling Mueller’s probe a “witch hunt,” Nunberg recently stated that he believes Mueller’s investigation is “warranted.”

During an interview with ABC, Nunberg stated, “No, I don’t think it’s a witch hunt. There’s a lot there, and that’s the sad truth.” He said this a day after he testified before a grand jury.

So far, Mueller has been able to either indict or get guilty pleas from 19 people, including four members of the Trump campaign and three companies.


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