Trump pretended to care about police to get their votes and now stabbed them in the back (Details)

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During the 2016 election, Trump made every effort to appeal to the police. He posed for selfies with every officer he ran across, supports capital punishment for cop killers, and he promised to support legislation that would help them. In return, the National Fraternal Order of Police gave an endorsement for Trump, something that 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney couldn’t garner.

The Fraternal Order of Police endorsement was a huge boost for Trump, whose membership totals about 330,000 members. Without the endorsement, he likely would not have won.

How did Trump repay those officers? In the recent tax bill, Trump signed off on legislation that takes away an officer’s ability to deduct certain work expenses from their tax bill. These expenses include uniform purchases and purchasing their own guns and ammunition.

The backstabbing doesn’t stop there. Trump and Congressional Republicans also removed the ability to deduct union fees from taxes. This will affect police, teachers, laborers, and everyone else who is part of a union.

Adding insult to injury, Trump and Congress made sure to note that private jet owners wouldn’t have to pay the 7.5% excise tax that the rest of us pay when we fly commercial. However, Congress has made it clear that private jet owners would still be paying taxes, through fuel taxes and whatnot, just not that extra 7.5%. That’s a pretty slick explanation, considering we commercial flyers are also paying for fuel taxes and other taxes as part of our tickets.

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Left untouched is the fact that Trump can write off his Boeing 757 as a business expense. Similarly, costs of executive retreats at Trump’s golf courses can also still be written off.

So, for the 2020 election, we are a lot less likely to see a Fraternal Order of Police endorsement for Trump. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…


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