Trump made a comment to a little girl about her weight (w/ video)

Credit: Screenshot/NBC News

On Friday, Trump briefly met kids of the White House press corps as a part of a Halloween celebration. While the kids were there, Trump reminded us that he only sees women, no matter what age they are, for their appearance. He told one of the little girls that it was good that she didn’t have “weight problems.”

He also took the opportunity to make jokes about their parents and the “friendly media.”

While he was in the Oval Office with the children in their costumes, Trump stated, “I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children. How the media did this, I don’t know.”

He added, “These are beautiful, wonderful children. Are you going to grow up to be like your parents? Don’t answer. That can only get me in trouble, that question.”

When he was giving out candy to the kids, he turned to one of the little girls and commented on her weight, saying, “Well, you have no weight problems—that’s the good news, right?”

He also took a jab at the press. He asked, “So, how does the press treat you?” To which he answered that he thinks they treat them well. But then he pointed to himself and stated, “I wouldn’t say you did very well here.”

Trump has a long history of being obsessed with women and their appearance. For example, he fat shamed and humiliated Miss Universe Alicia Machado, he flirted with press members like Caitríona Perry of RTÉ News, and commented on French First Lady Brigitte Macron’s appearance.

You can watch the interaction between the kids and Trump below:


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