Trump Jr. says Nunes memo humiliates Obama, Twitter is quick to correct and trash him (Details)

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This week, Republicans had a very anticlimactic release of the much-hyped Nunes memo. Despite right-wing pundits promising fallout that would be ‘bigger than Watergate,’ the memo turned out to be a dud.

That failure hasn’t stopped many conservatives from twisting the memo’s outcome in an effort to save face in the media.

On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that the memo shows faults within the Obama administration. He linked an article from the alt-right conspiracy theory website, the Federalist.

“House Intel Memo Reveals Deeply Politicized Obama Administration,” wrote Jr.

The irony here is that the article Jr. linked was blaming Obama for the top brass at the FBI, but the FBI director at the time was James Comey, a Republican. It’s also no secret that Comey helped tip the election towards Donald Trump just before the election, so painting Comey as a Democratic operative is ludicrous.

The Twitter community was quick to correct Don Jr. for his post.

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