Trump Jr. offers Hillary Clinton a mask of his dad so she can be president for Halloween (Details)

Credit: John Moore/Getty Images

On Tuesday, at an event in Chicago to promote her bookHillary Clinton joked that she “maybe come as president” to Halloween celebrations.

When she was asked what she was doing for Halloween, she replied, “I’ll maybe come as the president.”

Trump Jr. took to Twitter to mock her for the joke. 

He tweeted:

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In the tweet, he links to an Instagram photo of him wearing a mask of his father while he was shopping for Halloween costumes with his daughter, Chloe.

Trump Jr. should note that Sean Hannity, one of his father’s ardent supporters, may actually believe that Hillary Clinton is president.

During his show on Monday, Hannity called Hillary Clinton, “President Clinton.”

Hannity stated, “What did President Clinton, or President Clinton wannabe, President Obama, and key members of the administration — what did they know about the Uranium One scandal?”

It is unknown yet if Trump Jr. bought the mask of his father or if he has some laying around the house.


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