Top criminal law attorney: Trump possibly indicted under seal without his knowledge

Credit: Twitter

Alexander Stern, a Berkeley California attorney, believes there could be a sealed indictment for Trump even without him knowing.

His conclusion comes after eight of the nation’s leading criminal law professors gathered to talk about the results of the Russia probe.

They noted that Trump could be indicted under seal without him knowing. They specifically argued that delaying an indictment for Trump could be a problem because the statute of limitations could expire while he is in office. But, they noted that a benefit of indicting under seal would remove the issue of distracting Trump from his presidential duties.

Stern wrote, “The Department of Justice says prosecuting a sitting president can impermissibly distract him. However, indictments under seal, remove this fear.”

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If the sealed indictment were to take place, consequences for Trump would occur after he leaves office.

University of Alabama School of Law’s Prof. Jenny Carroll added, “One possibility would be that the indictment if sealed [could solve] the sol [statute of limitations] problem and the matter does [not] proceed until after the President leaves office.”

They also noted that if Special Counsel Robert Mueller has evidence that Trump committed a crime, Mueller has every incentive to indict at the earliest opportunity available.


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