The rating are in: Trump embarrassed after falling 8 million viewers short of Obama’s first State of the Union

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On Tuesday, Trump had his first official State of the Union address. The speech was not only filled with lies, it was also a failure in ratings as he had fewer people watching than his predecessor.

Preliminary data reveals that there were 40.4 million people who watched Trump delivering his speech between broadcast and cable.

This number is compared to over 48 million who watched Obama deliver his first State of the Union address.

While Trump attempts to beat Obama at everything and continually tries to erase his legacy, this is the latest area where he fell behind.

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Now Trump has to live with the State of the Union failure along with his poorly attended inauguration.

Trump also has a record-breakingly low first-year approval rating of 38 percent.

This is considered to be lowest for a first-year president.

His low approval rating comes as he spent his first year embracing racism. The most recent was when he called Haiti, El Salvador, and other African nations “shithole countries.” He has tried to deny the remark and insists he’s the least racist person. He has also spent his first year giving tax breaks to his rich friends.

Also this year, Congressional Republicans are retiring at a significantly faster rate compared to previous Congresses.

This is all happening as there is an ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election.


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