Trump was dozing off at G20 meeting, British PM nudges him to wake up (Video)

Screenshot via Truth Examiner/Daily Mail/Youtube

It seems as though Donald Trump is starting to show his age and be more confused as his presidency goes on. Or perhaps he wasn’t working with much to begin with.

We recently saw him confused was when he got off the Air Force One and walked right past his limo which was right in front of him. The Secret Service had to redirect him back to his limo. Just yesterday, he seemed to be lost on stage after his speech. For his speech, he was behind a bullet proof shield. But after he finished his speech, he slowly started to walk to a random spot on stage, looking confused. His Secret Service seemed to be caught off guard by this move.

Just today, during the G20 meeting, it looked as though Trump was daydreaming while all the other world leaders were turning around to pose for the cameras. British Prime Minister Theresa May had to nudge him to get his attention and turn around. It seems as though Angela Merkel was amused by this.

You can watch the video below:


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