Trump disrespects veterans again- Blocks large veterans group on Twitter (Details)

Via The Daily Banter

On Tuesday, the progressive veterans group, VoteVets tweeted a screenshot that showed that Trump blocked them on Twitter.

According to their website, they started in 2006 and has the support of more than 500,000 veterans, military members, and their supporters. They explain that their mission is to give veterans and their family a voice on issues that affect them.

The group has criticized Trump, the GOP’s attempt to repeal and replace the ACA and the Muslim ban. They also criticized him for violating the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, which prohibits presidents from receiving payments and titles from foreign countries.

In early February, they even put out a tv ad that was aired during MSNBC’s Morning Joe that directly told Trump to start acting like “a legitimate president.”

The reason for their block is unknown. But just before they had shared the news of being blocked on Twitter by the president, VoteVets criticized Trump’s Muslim ban.

They wrote that the Muslim ban was “unconstitutional, immoral and a threat to our national security.”

Trump promised to support vets back in February. He has said other things that show that he does not care about them. For example, last October he said that soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder aren’t strong or “can’t handle” combat “horror stories.” Last summer, he criticized the family of the slain Muslim U.S. soldier. He has also criticized Senator John McCain, who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and said he was “not a war hero” by saying he prefers “people who weren’t captured.”

Trump has been on a blocking spree lately on Twitter. It seems as though this administration only wants to hear from the people who support them.

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