Trump just attacked the character of the immigrant children being detained

Credit: Left: John Moore/Getty Images Right: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

On Tuesday, Trump claimed that the immigrant children who are being held at detention facilities are being trained to lie to get into the country. He did this during his speech at the National Federation of Independent Business.

According to Trump, the detainees have lawyers who coach them to make false statements about why they are fleeing their home countries.

Trump stated, “They have professional lawyers. Some are for good, others are do-gooders and others are bad people. They tell these people exactly what to say.”

He continued, “They say, say the following. They write it down. ‘I am being harmed in my country. My country is extremely dangerous. I fear for my life.’ Say that. Congratulations, you’ll never be removed.”

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Trump then added the statements are “given to them by lawyers who are waiting for them to come up” to the U.S.

He continued by saying that the immigrants are simply lying about the reasons they give for wanting to come to the U.S.

He stated, “They’re not coming for that reason. They’re coming up for many other reasons.”

You can watch the clip below:

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