Trump calls for censoring the media to his liking (Details)

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It seems as though the news about the relationship between Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been bothering the president lately. Trump has been pretty quiet on Twitter since Las Vegas mass shooting. However, since the report about Tillerson calling Trump a “fucking moron,” he has started a new barrage of attacks on the press. 

On Thursday, Trump took to Twitter to suggest that the government should censor the press. He tweeted:

In other words, Trump wants the Senate Intelligence Committee to open up an investigation to look into the “fake news networks” to figure out why they “just make up” news, in which he offers no evidence. The ironic thing is that Trump is the biggest bearer of “fake news.” Since Trump’s first 232 days in office, Trump has made 1,145 false or misleading claims. 

Currently, the committee is investigating the fake news by the Russians as part of their investigation in the Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

This is not the first time Trump tried to undermine the press. Trump has gone after NBC News, CNN and The New York Times before.

What Trump is doing is dangerous. It’s even worse because he knows the media that criticizes him isn’t fake. He seems to be doing it because he knows it’s something that works for his base.

According to polls, fewer people are starting to trust the media. For example, in a March Gallup poll, it showed a third of the participants trust the press and 60% of Americans believe the press was biased. In a YouGov poll from April, it showed a majority of Republicans think the media abuse First Amendment rights. A Pew study shows that forty percent of Millennials support the censorship of hate speech.

The good news is that the Senate Intelligence Committee would probably not follow through with Trump’s suggestion. In the past, he has called for inquiries such as when he accused Obama of “wiretapping” him, in which the Justice Department stated that there was no evidence to go through with the claim.


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