Trump called victim of Trump Tower fire a ‘crazy Jew’- White House responds (Details)

Credit: Left: EVAN VUCCI/AP Right: Todd Brassner/Facebook

On Saturday, a fire broke out at Trump Tower in New York City, Todd Brassner, one of the tenants, was killed in the blaze. According to Brassner’s friends, he had a lot of disdain for the President.

According to Todd Brassner’s friend, Patrick Goldsmith, Trump hated Brassner and called him a “crazy Jew.” This comment happened shortly after Brassner moved into Trump Tower. The feeling was mutual because Brassner wasn’t very fond of Trump either.

Goldsmith asserted that he heard the President call Brassner the offensive term in 1996 when he was entering the building and passed him in the lobby.

Goldsmith, who was visiting Brassner, stated that he was caught staring at Trump’s small hands and this made him upset. Trump then turned to the doorman and asked where Goldsmith was going. The doorman stated that Goldsmith was going up to the 50th floor to see Brassner. Trump then asked the doorman, “Oh, that crazy Jew?”

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It was also revealed that after Trump ran for and became President, Brassner wanted to get away from all things Trump. He was trying to move out of the apartment but couldn’t get it sold.

According to Rachel Cain, another close friend of Brassner, “He hated living at Trump Tower. He talked about not living there almost nonstop.”

She continued, “He thought that (Trump) was the worst thing for our country not caring about environmental issues — a horrible, lowlife human being.”

The White House pushed back on the report.

Raj Shah, White House principal deputy press secretary, stated, “Basing a front-page story maligning the President solely on a decades-old unverified claim by a critic of the President — whose own family members are Jewish — is absurd.”


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