Trump blames Obama for canceling UK visit in bizarre late night tweet

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Donald Trump was previously slated to attend the opening of the new US embassy in the UK next month. He has now confirmed that he will not attend.

Keeping up with a regularly occurring theme in his presidency, the President attacks his predecessor, Barack Obama.

“Reason I canceled my trip to London is that I am not a big fan of the Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for “peanuts,” only to build a new one in an off location for 1.2 billion dollars,” the President tweeted.

“Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!”

In actuality, the embassy move was approved by the Bush administration in 2008. According to the embassy’s web page, “The project has been funded entirely by the proceeds of the sale of other US Government properties in London, not through appropriated funds.”

Instead of Trump attending, he will now send Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in his absence.

The New US embassy in London. (PA)

Before Trump’s tweet, other reports indicated that he would not attend because based on expectations of protests, not being treated as an honored guest, and not being able to meet the Queen. Trump originally expected to be treated as an honored guest, but the UK downgraded his visit to a ‘working visit.’

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It is likely that Trump would be greeted with massive protests if he visits the UK. Last month, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn asked his supporters to all come out and protest Trump as a “clear message” that he’s not welcome there.

Trump is also likely hesitant to visit after a rift between him and Prime Minister Theresa May. In November, Trump was chastised by May after retweeting a video by a UK based white supremacy group.


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