Top Texas paper finally rips into Trump for the way he handled Hurricane Harvey

Credit: Left: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill Right: MARCUS YAM, LOS ANGELES TIMES, GETTY IMAGES

On Monday, The Houston Chronicle’s editorial board ripped into Trump for the way he handled Hurricane Harvey.

The paper specifically pointed to Trump’s claim last week that up to “sixteen thousand people … went out in their boats to watch the hurricane.”

According to the Chronicle, many of Trump’s comments can be seen as “bizarre Trumpian bloviations” but this one was “too serious for Houstonians to let slide.”

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It continued, “A region still recovering from catastrophic flooding doesn’t need its plight minimized or ridiculed. It needs help.”

The paper then went on to slam Trump for being “abysmally ignorant” about the hurricane’s aftermath.

It also expressed concern about how this season’s hurricane season will be like. The paper questioned, “Who’s to say that government agencies…will understand the urgency of Houston’s needs? Who’s to say…other Trump appointees will be any better informed?”

The Chronicle then pointed to Trump’s response to Puerto Rico, noting that he tossed paper towels to the hurricane victims.

The paper concluded the piece with a plea to Trump for this year’s hurricane season. They wrote, “Mr. President, those Texans in rescue boats weren’t out looking for trouble. They were looking for help. A year later, the Houston region is still looking. Show some leadership. Make us your priority, not your punchline.”


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