Leading GOP candidate to take Paul Ryan’s seat is a white supremacist (Details)

Credit: Twitter

On Wednesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan officially announced he will not run for reelection. This made it possible for Paul Nehlen, a white nationalist, to be the front-runner in the GOP primary in Wisconsin’s first congressional district.

Nehlen ran before in 2016 but he lost to Ryan in the primary.

Back in February, Nehlen made headlines for superimposing an image of “Cheddar Man” over Meghan Markle’s face and tweeted it out.

“Cheddar Man” is the oldest complete skeleton found in Britain that would have had dark skin, blue eyes, and dark, curly hair.

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This appeared to be a racist attack on Markle and he was permanently banned on Twitter.

During the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, he tweeted his support. Nehlen’s comments were praised by the former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, and Christopher Cantwell, the infamous crying Nazi, and Breitbart.

Nehlsen has also shown his support for Trump’s border wall as a barrier that would gun down anyone, including women and children, who approaches it.

Nehlsen is so toxic that the Republican Party of Wisconsin has denounced him back in February. The party’s spokesman Alec Zimmerman stated, “Nehlen and his ideas have no place in the Republican Party.”

However, Nehlsen is not the only candidate who is running to replace Ryan. Republican Nick Polce, Democrat Cathy Myers. and Randy Bryce are also competing for the nomination. The problem is, Nehlsen holds the lead.


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