Tom Steyer’s impeachment petition now has over 1 million signatures- here is the link to sign (Details)

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Just last week, Tom Steyer, billionaire, and Democratic megadonor, launched a campaign to impeach Trump. It already has over 1 million signatures.

In an interview with Axios, Steyer stated that he already had 1,119,720 signatures on his petition on

Steyer’s ad has gotten Trump’s attention since Steyer placed his ad on Fox and Friends on Friday.

Trump tweeted about it on Friday saying:

Also during the interview, Steyer stated that Trump has met the “standard for impeachment” long ago. But now “the Mueller indictments put us in a place where impeachment is firmly on the table … from now on, every conversation about the administration has to include when he’s going to be impeached.”

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This movement to impeach Trump comes at a time where Trump’s approval rating has been dipping. In an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Trump’s approval rating is 38%.

In a Gallup poll, it shows that Trump’s approval rating is only 33%.

Steyer plans to continue to run his ad and gather more signatures on the petition.

You can join the cause and add your name here.


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