Senator Tim Kaine’s son receives his sentence for arrest at Trump protest (Details)

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Senator Tim Kaine’s youngest son was sentenced on Thursday for his role in an anti-Trump counterprotest earlier this year. He must now serve one year of probation and pay a fine of $236.

Linwood “Woody” Kaine, 25, was sentenced to 90-days in jail, which he already served.

According to the St. Paul City Attorney’s Office, Kaine attempted to flee when police told him that he was going to be arrested. After he was tackled, “the defendant continued to fight the officers on the ground, bucking and flaring his arms and legs.” One report indicated that it took several officers to arrest Kaine.

Woody Kaine being arrested. Image credit: WHSV

A spokeswoman at Senator Tim Kaine’s office told reporters that Woody wasn’t involved in the disruptive behavior that had occurred.

“While some were charged for disruptive activity at the rally, Woody behaved peacefully there and faced no such charges,” said the spokeswoman. “He has pled guilty to a misdemeanor in connection with actions during an arrest after leaving the rally.”

According to The Richmond Times, counter-protestors set off a smoke bomb inside the capitol. That is when police began arresting several people in the crowd.

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In May, Kaine was charged with a misdemeanor for fleeing on foot. He was also charged with concealing his identity and for obstructing the legal process.

Earlier this month, two of the misdemeanor charges were dismissed. Kaine pleaded guilty to the obstruction charge.


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