The Queen has spoken…Trump’s state visit to the UK was just officially canceled (Details)

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Early next year, Trump is set to visit the UK but his trip has been scaled back to a “working visit,” as opposed to an honorary state visit. This means that he will miss out on meeting the Queen and it won’t be a red carpet event. He also won’t get to ride in the golden carriage he wished to ride in.

UK diplomats are discussing plans for his visit, which is likely to be a part of a multi-country trip.

Usually, when diplomats come to the UK for a State Visit, they would usually stay at the Buckingham Palace as the guest of the Queen. However, because Trump’s trip is now a “working visit,” he will probably be staying at U.S. ambassador Woody Johnson’s residence.

This downgrading came after a huge controversy that arose when Theresa May tried to offer Trump a State Visit as the Queen’s guest. This breached normal protocol where the honor of a State Visit usually happens during the second term of a president.

When people heard about this, there were threats of boycott and mass protests. Commons Speaker John Bercow declared that Trump won’t be allowed to address Parliament.

Sadiq Khan, London mayor, also spoke out in June calling for the canceling of Trump’s state visit after Trump criticized Khan for how he dealt with the London terror attack.

The state visit was postponed indefinitely. A source from the U.S. embassy said that there are currently no plans for a working visit.


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