Tens of people gather for March 4 Trump rallies (Pictures)


Donald Trump fans gathered across the country to show their support for March 4 Trump rallies.

According to March4Trump.org, the rallies were held to support Trump:

President Trump has thankfully set a new course, and no matter your race, creed, color, gender, orientation, age, or anything else traitors exploit to divide, We The People are one.  Come show your support for him, each other, and our country right in the heart of our capital.

These rallies showed a notable difference between the crowds in support for Trump and the hundreds of thousands of people that turned up in protest of Trump during the Women’s March.

Speakers at the rallies were criticizing the media and protestors, calling for the arrest of Obama and Hillary Clinton, and accusing Democrats of “forgetting about 9/11” because we elected Obama.

Unlike the Women’s March, it was reported that there was an outbreak of violence at St Paul, Minnesota with at least five people arrested.


Here are some pictures from the rallies:



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