An unlikely opponent just stepped up to fight Trump’s child concentration camps- Says Americans are horrified at what’s going on

Credit: Left: Paul Sancya / AP Right: Zach Gibson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) announced an emergency legislation to keep immigrant families together after they cross the border.

In a statement by Cruz, he said that Americans are “horrified” that children are being separated from their parents.

He stated, “All Americans are rightly horrified by the images we are seeing on the news, children in tears pulled away from their mothers and fathers. This must stop. Now.”

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He added, “We can end this crisis by passing the legislation I am introducing this week.”

The statement continued saying that “families should stay together” and that “children belong with their mothers and fathers.” However, he added that an exception for keeping families together would be in cases of “aggravated criminal conduct or threat of harm to the children.”

He concluded his statement by giving bullet points on what his legislation would do. According to Cruz, his legislation would double federal immigration judges and increase the number of temporary shelters.

Cruz is not the only Republican senator who plans on introducing legislation against Trump’s family separation policy. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) also revealed on the chamber floor that he plans to do the same.

He stated, “It will include provisions that mitigate the problem of family separation while improving the immigration court process for unaccompanied children and families apprehended at the border.”

He continued, “To the greatest extent possible, families presenting at ports of entry or apprehended crossing the border illegally will be kept together while waiting for their court hearings, which will be expedited.”


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