Teacher of the Year winner wears anti-Trump pins during presidential award ceremony- Trump clueless

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On Wednesday, Mandy Manning, who won a Teacher of the Year award, staged a silent protest by wearing anti-Trump pins while meeting the President.

Manning is a teacher at Joel E Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington. She specializes in teaching English to new immigrants and refugee students.

Manning met Trump in the East Room of the White House to receive her National Teacher of the Year award. She wore a black dress with several pins. One of the pins was identified as representing the Women’s March that followed Trump’s inauguration. Another pin said “Trans Equality Now.”

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Trump told the audience that, “Teachers like Mandy play a vital role in the wellbeing of our children, the strength of our communities and the success of our nation.”

Trump appeared to be oblivious to the pins that Manning was wearing.

Manning told reporters that she passed Trump a stack of letters that were written by her refugee students and others in the Spokane, Washington community. She told Trump that she hopes he reads them.

Manning explained that the letters included important messages about what it’s like to be an immigrant/refugee, and how much it means to them to be in the United States.

“I just had a very, very brief moment so I made it clear that the students that I teach … are dedicated and focused,” Manning also said. “They make the United States the beautiful place that it is.”


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