South Park creators to stop mocking Trump for a sad reason (Video)

Via Comedy Central

In an Australian interview with “7.30” on Thursday, South Park’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone revealed that they’ve decided to “back off” on satirizing Donald Trump.

“It’s tricky now because satire has become reality,” Parker said.

They revealed that Trump’s administration is already creating comedy that is tough to top.

“It’s really hard to make fun of,” Parker continued. “…We were really trying to make fun of what was going on but we couldn’t keep up … What was actually happening was way funnier than anything we could come up with.”

Via Comedy Central

“So we decided to just kind of back off and let them do their comedy and we’ll do ours,” he said.

Stone added, “People say to us all the time, ‘You guys are getting all this good material,’ like we’re happy about some of the stuff that’s happening.” “But I don’t know if that’s true.”

They revealed that they won’t be working on any new episodes for several months.

The South Park series has become known for its bizarre and often hilarious critiques of current affairs and politicians on both sides.

Via Comedy Central

For example, the 2016 U.S. election was depicted as a choice between a “giant douche” and a “turd sandwich.”

Watch the interview below:

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