Sheriff David Clarke one of Trump’s top picks for FBI Director (Details)

Mark Peterson/Redux

Just a few days ago FBI Director James Comey was abruptly fired, and now the White House is scrambling for a replacement. According to the New York Daily News, that replacement could possibly end up being Sheriff David Clarke.

Clarke is allegedly one of Trump’s final handful of replacement options for heading the FBI. Others on the list include Congressman Trey Gowdy, who made a name for himself in pushing the Benghazi “scandal.” Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, is on the list. Ray Kelley, a former NYPD commissioner with a racist past, is another potential. And finally, Andrew McCabe, who is the acting director right now.

Clarke, a well known Trump supporter, has come under fire in the past for outrageous behavior. One of the prisoners in his prison was forced to give birth while shackled despite medical assistants’ protests.

Sheriff Clarke has asserted that the criminal justice system is not responsible for rehabilitating criminals. He also believes that his fellow conservatives shouldn’t be easing sentences for drug and other petty offenses.

An even a bigger stretch was Clarke claiming that entitlement programs destroy minority families and exacerbate crime. “The government handouts … are used like an intoxicating drug,” he told  black conservatives in Washington. “We’re an emotional people … so when you start talking about government handouts, that’s a pleasing message.”

Many are frightened at the thought of Sheriff Clarke becoming the FBI director. Based on Clarke’s enthusiastic support of Trump and ultra-conservative past, they probably should be.


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