‘Run the Rock 2020’ committee created to draft Dwayne Johnson for president (Details)

Image via Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

On Sunday, a campaign committee, “Run the Rock 2020” was filed on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s behalf to make him eligible to run for president.

Johnson, who is registered as an independent, has joked about considering putting his name in for the 2020 presidential election. Back in May, during an interview with GQ,  he brought up the idea. He stated that he would oppose some of Trump’s policies like the travel ban. He also mentioned that he wanted better leadership and “poise” from the Oval Office.

Then a few weeks later, on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he talked more about the possibility and believes he could be the President that people can relate with.

Most recently he joked about the idea on the season finale of Saturday Night Live. In order to promote the SNL episode, he shared an image on Twitter that shows him behind a podium labeled, “‘The Rock’ Johnson 2020.” Also during the show, he ‘announced’ that he and Tom Hanks were teaming up to run.

The individual who filed the paperwork was a West-Virginia based writer named Kenton Tilford. It is not clear what kind of connection he has to Johnson.

In a Public Policy Polling poll from May shows that if Johnson would run as a Democrat, he would lead Trump “42/37 in a prospective contest.” It revealed that he could win over 15% of Trump’s supporters who voted for Trump in the fall. It also showed that 36% of voters have a positive view of him while only 13% is negative. But a whopping 50% show they have no opinion.

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