‘This ruling makes us look weak’: Trump throws hissy fit over banned travel ban (Video)

Via Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump went to Nashville, Tennessee to hold a rally.

There were more than 2,500 protesters and one protester interrupted the rally with her banner that called for “Improved Medicare for All.”

During his rally, Trump criticized the recent news about his new travel ban being blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii.

Trump referred to the new travel ban as a “watered down version of the first order that was also blocked by another judge and should have never been blocked to start with,” also mentioning that the new travel ban was “tailored to the dictates of the Ninth Circuit” so it would pass.

He went on to say that he believes that they should just go back to the first one and “go all the way” with it.

“I think we ought to go back to the first one [executive order] and go all the way,” while adding “this ruling makes us look weak.”

He vowed to “fight this terrible ruling.” Also promising “we’re going to win it.”

According to critics of the ban, the wording of the new ban was nearly identical and did not address the constitutional concern of the first one.

Opponents of the new travel ban were thrilled to see Donald Trump talking about the blocked travel ban because it gives them more things to use against him in court.

You can watch the video below:


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