Robert Mueller preparing report on Trump’s potential obstruction of justice (Details)

Credit: Left: Spencer Platt/2016 Getty Images Right: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

According to two sources, Special Counsel Robert Mueller told Trump’s lawyers that he is working on a report involving the President’s potential obstruction of justice.

Mueller added that Trump is not yet officially a criminal target. However, he also reiterated that he still needs to interview the president to complete his probe.

It was revealed that Trump and some advisers were relieved to hear that Mueller doesn’t think Trump is a criminal target. This revelation has also reportedly made Trump more willing to sit down for an interview with Mueller.

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According to Trump’s friends, he has repeatedly told them he is not a target for Mueller’s probe. He also believes that sitting down with Mueller would help.

However, some advisers believe that the president could easily turn into an indictment target and that Mueller is just baiting him into sitting down with him for an interview.

Also, legal experts believe that Mueller’s description of Trump as a “subject of the investigation” doesn’t put him in the clear.

Currently, Trump is a “subject” because there is a lack of evidence against him. But legal experts warn that a “subject” could become a “target” because of their testimony. (A “target” is someone who has evidence against them that links them to a crime.)

No one in Trump’s circle was willing to comment on this report.


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