Fact checking sites were crashing during Trump’s first State of the Union address (Seriously)

Credit: Left: Jim Lo Scalzo / Associated Press Right: Politifact

On Tuesday night, during Trump’s first State of the Union address, PolitiFact, a fact-checking website, went down for a few minutes.

Throughout the address, the website posted live updates with fact checks on Trump’s statements on Twitter.

When their website crashed, they tweeted: “Welp … our website just crashed. Thanks for reading ?!!? We’ll keep things up here on Twitter while we see what happened.”

The site is run by reporters from the Florida-based Tampa Bay Times. The crash happened at 9:49 p.m. ET, about halfway through the speech.

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Approximately five minutes later, the website tweeted “we’re back up.”

Before the speech, the website showed they fact-checked Trump about 498 times. Their assessment showed that his comments are rarely true.

According to the website, Trump’s State of the Union speech ranged from “Mostly True” to “Pants on Fire.”


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